The Best Way To Start With SEO

As of Mar 21, 2022, it was said that there are approximately 1.93 billion websites online. We can all agree that Google has become a highly competitive online platform for businesses trying to get in front of their target audience. With over 5.6 billion daily searches, there is still an excellent opportunity for your business to be discovered.

Today I’m here to give you the secret recipe to staying ahead of your competitors and on top of your target audience’s search results. The secret recipe is SEO, and let me run you through the fundamentals of SEO.

What is SEO 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. When asked about “What is SEO?” we describe it as a strategy and discipline that will ensure that your target audience can discover your website through the content, product, or services they search for in any search engine like Google.

These are the essential points to know about SEO:

  • Increase Organic Search: SEO is a practice that was developed to help companies increase their visibility on search engines organically without paying for anything.
  • Increase Your Quality & Quantity: SEO helps improves the quality and quantity of website visitors to your website or webpage from search engines.

How Google search rank works

Google’s primary goal is to organise world information and make it universally accessible and helpful. They aim to provide users with the most relevant answers or information.

Process Google uses to rank content on their platform:

1. Meaning of your query: Google systems try to understand what type of information a user wants. Google then uses crawlers, bots or spiders to gather information matching the user’s query.

2. Relevance: Google systems analyse different content to ensure it contains information relevant to the user’s query. The most common signals that crawlers look for are keywords.

 3. Quality of content: After identifying relevant content, google aims to prioritise the most helpful content. Google uses E.A.T. (Expertise authority and trustworthiness) to determine the quality of the content.

 4. Usability: Google looks at various page experience aspects such as mobile friendlessness & page speed.

How to build an SEO content strategy 

SEO content strategy is your company’s game plan to get more quality leads to your website through search engines.

1. Perform keyword research for determining your topics

The heartbeat of your SEO strategy is your keywords. It would be best to list topics related to your chosen keywords, then use SEO tools (Google trends, google keyword planner & SEMrush) to identify search volume. Then select the topic that makes sense to your business.

2. Set Up a Blog

Blogging to this day is the way that can assist your company in ranking for specific keywords. Avoid any banned practise such as keyword stuffing or not having sitemaps on your blog posts.

3. Create a consistent blogging schedule

To build favorability with Google algorithms, there is value in consistently writing about topics your customer is interested in. It is essential to understand what your target market is interested in and ensure you design content targeting them, so they stay interested and engaged.

4. Creating link building plan

Link building is a strategy that acquires hyperlinks from other websites to your website. Link building’s main priority is to increase the quantity & high-quality inbound links to a webpage to increase ranking and authority.

5. Compress media files before uploading

It is essential to understand which specs are required for media files that will be uploaded. Understanding these specs will help you avoid losing page speed and affecting your page performance. Remember, you must use compression tools to reduce size before uploading media files to maintain good web performance.

6. Stay up to date on SEO news and updates.

Google is forever evolving and updating its algorithms, so staying on top of current trends and updates is essential.

7. Measure your progress

It’s essential to track your progress to determine if your strategy is working or stagnating. You can utilise KPIs like organic traffic, search rankings, backlinks, organic click-through (C.T.R.) and other organic web analytics.

Over to you

The benefits of SEO for your company are practically endless & very fruitful. Your SEO strategy can increase your brand awareness & help you generate quality leads that can result in sales. The cherry top is that SEO is all free.

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