Ever thought of how a holiday could benefit your business? How could it? I mean no one works on a holiday, right? Wrong!

Your branded products sure do. They work every time you use them around other people!

Branded products will always be there when you are not. Many South African companies close over the December period. CEOs, managers and other employees will be on holiday and not in the office. This is the perfect opportunity for branded products to represent your brand and gain exposure over the vacation period.

People on vacation are generally happy to be there. When these happy people interact with your branded products, the positive emotions will associate themselves with your brand unconsciously. By promoting your brand consistently, you can move prospects and customers through various levels of brand familiarity.

The potential marketing and advertising opportunities for branded products are endless. With so many products available to choose from, it can become a tough decision. Our advice is that repetition is key. People won’t remember your brand or company from just seeing one branded product. However, they will remember it if they have seen the branding over a wider variety of products.

The branded product you choose also influences your brand. The usability and convenience of the product you choose can make a significant impact on potential clients. Branding a product that can be used daily will be more effective. For example, a branded gazebo can be used almost every scorching December beach day, yet a branded cheese board will be far less efficient. One needs to consider when and how often they will use the branded products as well as considering the need of the product by potential clients.

Taking these factors seriously can really affect the profitability of branded products. IconomySA will help you make the right decision when it comes to any product.

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