Our business consulting services are connected and optimally allow us to develop robust strategies and stories to back your brand.

We look at what desired business outcomes you would like to achieve, and we explore what works, what doesn’t, and how to help you get to the ideal.


Our strategy services include:

  • Strategic Plans
  • Business Plans
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Market Research
  • Market Surveys
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We help businesses develop and implement their company strategy, using their people and a strategic process.

We look at your goals and match your customers’ needs to create your brand, organisation, service and product offering.

Association Management Company

Our AMC services include:

  • Operational
  • Marketing
  • Financial and administration
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An Association Management Company (AMC) is a professional service company specialising in outsourced management services for associations.

We provide the resources an association needs to operate efficiently to strengthen the impact on their industry.


Project Management

Our process covers the following services:

  • Strategising
  • Planning
  • Implementing
  • Managing
  • Measuring
  • Concluding
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Project management is to accomplish all of the project goals within the given constraints, no matter the obstacles. IconomySA uses two favourable factors to bring together a plan and conclude it within time and budget. These are project management technology and critical thinking for quick implementation.

We explore and strengthen your projects with our methodical expertise across industries.

Recognition and Rewards

[Employee or Consumer]

Our services include:

  • Staff Recognition and Rewards
  • Consumer Loyalty Rewards
  • Sales Incentives
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The best way to appreciate your employees or consumers is to have a Recognition and Rewards program in your business. It’s essential to tailor your program to your organisation’s needs to reflect your company culture, brand loyalty and communication.

We’d love to help you engage, motivate and inspire the people of your business with our innovative services. We explore your company culture and people by understanding what drives them.


Customised Technology Solutions

Our customised technology services:

  • Include tracking and measuring
  • Providing dashboards and real-time reporting
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Your business decisions benefit from the reports and dashboards that are developed to guide you and understand your business performance, in such areas as departmental performance, product/services performance and consumer behaviour to effectively and timeously reward consumers.

Your business information is illustrated from data and information that we gather and deploy into platforms that are easily accessible and easy to understand.


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