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What is your business “SEO” strategy?

What you need to know about SEO (search Engine Optimisation): Keywords, Audience, Content promotion, content, Goals, Analyse & re-asses

SEO stands for ‘search engine optimization’ and it basically means just that; optimizing your presence on search engines. This is typically done through non-paid search results on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

It mainly focuses on increasing both the quality and quantity of website traffic and brand exposure by creating custom, relevant and appealing content digitally and regularly. There are many factors to take into consideration when looking at your SEO business strategy as it is an ever-changing, ever-evolving concept but main factors that need to be considered are below:


Are you trying to monetize your website by having return customers to an online store or are you sharing your expertise on your cooking techniques? Know your goals as this will determine what type of content you should be creating for maximum exposure.


Before being able to create engaging content, you need to understand the audience you are addressing for example; if your target audience is teenagers, it is better to keep your content to imagery with minimal text whereas if your audience are business experts, pdf downloads and in-depth explanations with less imagery would catch the eye and increase interaction and engagement.


Do thorough research on your keywords and try to find keywords that already have a large search result; as that has already created relevance. Know where to and how to use your keywords for the different types of content you are creating as incorrectly done SEO is a detrimental factor to your business.


Content comes in many shapes and forms from videos, imagery, blogging, menus, catalogues, bookings, document downloads, newsfeeds, landing pages, articles, lists to glossaries and galleries. There is no defined definition of what content is allowed and not allowed to be, however; it needs to be original, relevant, engaging and regular.

Content promotion

As well as creating frequent, relevant content; the promotion of that content also needs to be a key focus in your strategy. Social media sharing increases visibility and creates alternative links to your site from an external source; thus increasing interaction/clicks from your target audience (This will also help define whom your audience is).  Social media is the best form of exposure as it is widely spread, used and offers targeted marketing (paid / inorganic) methods. Other means of content promotion is link accessing through SMSing, bulk emailing, sharing and online advertising portals. 

Analyse and re-assess

Because of the ever-evolving criteria SEO falls into, it is paramount to constantly analyse results and re-assess them to suit your business requirements. Find out what works and is engaging with your customers, understand your own goals and adjust them to your business needs and create an SEO strategy that evolves with you and for you.


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